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We are proud to introduce you to Tree of Life by The Cancer Coach™: Designed using evidence-based information, Tree of Life is a revolutionary health, lifestyle, and anti-cancer wellness community and programme that aims to support, inspire, and empower individuals by gathering tools, creating a solid foundation of health, and living in alignment with their well-being goals.

Professionally designed and endorsed by oncology, lifestyle medicine, and behavioural science experts, and shaped by health coaches, cancer survivors and patient advocacy groups, Tree of Life stands against a growing culture of chronic illness and reduced quality of life. But it doesn't have to be that way. Our programme provides the tools and support to reverse and prevent poor health through evidence-based lifestyle interventions and behavioural changes.

Tree of Life works with the individual to ensure their future self is the best version possible! A resilient and optimised human being who understands the dynamics and benefits of good health. A person who thrives on their relationships with friends, family, and colleagues while being an integral part of a working culture of well-being, respect, and understanding.

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Introducing Our Technology Partner (Mighty Networks): On your journey with Tree of Life, you may notice the name, Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks is the community and learning management system that we've partnered with for Tree of Life.